Botanical Hand Balm

Dryland Wilds botanical hand balm contains all organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, sustainably sourced ingredients and hand-blended desert perfumes featuring their own wildcrafted macerations, distillations and enfleurage.  Packaged in a 2 oz reusable round metal tin.

greasewood hand balm    
Greasewood is a highly revered dryland plant that gently mends dry cracked skin and smells like desert dust and summer rain. 

honey mesquite hand balm     
With chocolatey-cinnamon sweet pods and sap traditionally used on chapped skin and sunburn, honey mesquite makes a nourishing and delicious balm for overworked skin.  

No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.

Contains olive*, avocado*, and jojoba* oils, and beeswax. 100% botanical fragrance. 
*certified organic