Rose and Fir Candle
Rose and Fir Candle Rose and Fir Candle

If “mellow floral aromas perfect for warm, cozy spaces” is a description that suits your fancy, then buckle up buttercup, have we got something for you.

A blend of rose, geranium, and orange peel delivers all the scents of a bouquet, except we guarantee this will last a hell of a lot longer.

And let’s face it, your significant other doesn’t want a dozen roses. They want quality home garnishes that’ll elevate the hygge of their living space and make Pinterest board junkies blush with envy.

Poured by humans in Colorado Springs, Colorado with American-harvested soy wax and food-grade paraffin wax.  Our wicks are composed of woven cotton and paper, primed in vegetable wax, and always lead-free.  Our fragrances are blends of phthalate-free perfume oils and essential oils.

12. Oz Candle in a reusable glass jar (great for cocktails!)


*available at both the s. pearl st. shop and 44th & tennyson shop