Tumbleweed + Mint Soap
Tumbleweed + Mint Soap Tumbleweed + Mint Soap

Tumbleweed, an ancient soap-making ingredient, is also soothing and nutrient-rich for the skin.  Combined with wild mint from high desert streams, this is a refreshingly herbal and earthy bar, grounded in history.  Our powdered herbal blend exfoliates, while rhassoul clay clarifies, tones and nourishes the skin with natural minerals.  Topped with baby tumbleweed + wild mint.  

The desert doesn’t waste anything and neither do we.  We hand-render waste tallow from the local butcher and wildcraft beneficial invasive plants to create our luscious soaps and beautiful desert perfumes.  Smell like the desert wilds.

No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.

4.5 oz bar

Contains saponified olive*, tallow, coconut*, and castor oils.  Super-fatted with *jojoba oil. 100% botanical fragrance, rhassoul clay, comfrey, activated charcoal, wild mint and baby tumbleweed. 
*certified organic